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Monday, April 26, 2010

2009 Accomplishments

In 2009, PE staff and volunteer teams ventured to Port-au-Prince to test enterprise solutions designed to eradicate poverty in Haiti. PE coordinated with their “partner on the ground” Grace International, a recognized community based resource providing housing to orphans & widows, primary schooling and medical services to the Carrefour community just outside of Port-Au-Prince. Project Eden is excited to share the successful outcomes of our research and specially designed solutions for the people of Haiti. Our 2009 successes are the spring board for the full PE Haiti implementation in 2010 and beyond.

Entrepreneurial Training “Be All You Can Dream”

Approximately 180 individuals from Port-Au-Prince Haiti and the surrounding rural areas participated in this. Through virtual business exercises; established entrepreneurs learned to develop business plans; negotiate retail/office rental space; develop and execute media advertisement; manage finances and develop joint business ventures with other entrepreneur participants to increase “job” creation. Testimonials revealed new visions and strategies to grow their businesses.

QuickBooks & Microsoft Excel Training

Ten staff persons from Grace International, a Port-au-Prince area ministry, learned basic accounting techniques and simple excel spreadsheet practices to expand existing financial management capacities. The PE training team tailored the QuickBooks and Excel curriculum to meet the immediate needs of these training participants. These individuals are now more confident with their spreadsheet and basic accounting skills and are ready for next level training.

Teacher Training

Nearly 170 local and rural teachers and administrators participated in a three-day session to learn practical classroom instruction techniques, develop creative ways to engage students, and prepare their schools for growth. Each teacher was given a tote bag filled with art and office supplies (i.e., paper, crayons, scissors, markers, pens, pencils).

Medical Support Training & Medical Supply Distribution

Our resident nurse and health care systems experts conducted a medical in-service training teaching approximately six (6) clinical staff client-centered service delivery strategies. Many patients of the Grace International Medical Clinic had been without necessary cardiovascular medications. Our partner, Food for the Poor, made an in-kind donation of pallets of heart and diabetes medications, vitamins and basic clinic supplies. Again, our critical partnerships allow us to provide timely assistance.

Grace Orphanage & Youth Image Outreach

Over three days, sixteen bedrooms at the girl’s orphanage received fresh paint, bedding and toys. Boys at the orphanage received sets of new linens, toys and sweet treats. At a separate youth rally event, the Project Eden staff and volunteers discussed their personal dreams that lead to their current careers. Nearly 300 participated in this Career Day rally that stretched their capacity to create dreams, envision a positive future and to take steps towards realizing their dreams. Books, clothes, candy, and school supplies were given to these participants.